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SteveL in replay to: New high-confidence NA12878 genotypes integrating phased pedigree calls

Thanks for this great resources. I don't know if you have any control over the NCBI ftp site, but the README.GIAB.v0.2.txt file appears to be garbled in some way. Best, Steve

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mrp in replay to: Examples of using our highly confident snp and indel genotypes for NA12878

We found it quite helpful to have the NIST high confidence call set as an outside standard in our recent exome analysis.
Thanks Justin!

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akku in replay to: Post-ASHG Update on Genome in a Bottle

it is a very good news that the PGP has started to collect blood for cell line development for all trios that are current participatory . Please add some more details about it in the coming blog post. we are really carrying out an amazing job here. al the support.regards
search here

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liLboss in replay to: NIST NA12878 Integrated Highly Confident Calls

Developing methods to integrate multiple data-sets and bed file for is very helpful in gaining sets of genotypes for its references. It will be very easy for them to track places and determine its descriptions. Easy work is awaitingif this will be fully developed.

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liLboss in replay to: Data Release Guidelines

Putting data into public makes everybody stop suspecting someone. It showcase a clear visibility with regards to the data process because many can monitor on whats going on and it will never undergone illegal process.